Why bevelling plates is important

Whether you are using a plastic or metal plate for your prints, it is always a good idea to bevel the edges for seval reasons

First of all, even if you are not runnig your plate through a press, a unbevelled edges will damage your brayers.

Secondly, when running your plate through a press, the sharp edges of a metal plate can cut your paper and destroy expensive blankets.

Another reason for bevelling the edges is that prints look much nicer when printed, since you get a nice embossed frame on your paper. Additionally, bevelled edges are also easier to clean up when working with messy ink!

NOTE: Even plexiglass needs to be bevelled. I use the same files for metal and they work just fine! The last polishing touch is made with fine sandpaper, not with a burnisher.

How to how to bevel a plate

Watch this short video to understand the simple process of bevelling a metal plate