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Xerox transfers
This process, which is similar to Litho for its components of oil and water, uses your Xerox or photocopy as a printing plate. You can get one or two quality prints out of each Copy. Your Copy must be toner based (heat set) and not inkjet or any other water-based type.

Gum Arabic
Xerox or Laser Photocopies
Oil based ink (etching or Litho)
Roller or Brayer
One empty bowl
A bowl with clean water
A printing press
Take the bowl and fill it with water, adding a few tablespoons of gum arabic.
Prepare your ink making sure it is not too consistent. Dilute it with a little plate oil so that when scooped it will slowly run off the knife (not to oily but not like relief ink).
Roll out your ink with your brayer.
Wet your sponge with water and squeeze the excess out (the sponge should be only damp).
In order to roll your ink on the xerox you must first have it adhere onto the glass of your working table. Lay down some gum arabic on glass and spread it in an area the size of your Xerox. Do not use too much, but if you only put it down on part of the area the Xerox will not stick.
Take a photocopy (fresh ones seem to work better than old ones)
Lay Xerox on this area. Make sure it is flat to the glass, spreading the gum arabic around while getting rid of air bubbles.
Take your sponge and wipe the Xerox. You will see the white of the Xerox becoming speckled as it absorbs the water.
Take your brayer and gently roll the ink across the Xerox one way. DO NOT press Hard! Do it a few times, in different directions.
Take the sponge, dip it in the gum/water solution, squeeze out excess. At this stage you need to wipe your xerox to remove the ink off the white ares. The ink will only remain attracted to the areas with the toner while the water will be attracted to the areas absorbing the water.
Re charge your brayer and again gently roll the Xerox with ink again but going a different way (length wise). Again take the sponge, dip it in the solution, squeeze out excess. You repeat this until you can see in the light the ink on the toner.
If you let the Xerox get too wet it will fall apart. If you let it get too dry it will stick to the glass.
When your xerox image seems dark enough, Take your dampened paper and lay it down on the press bed.
You need great pressure in order to transfer the image.

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