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September 11th 2001
September 11th 2001
by Colleen Corradi

Linocut is essentially the same process as woodcut, the only difference is that linoleum is softer and easier to use. Linoleum's use as a craft material and as a means of introducing children to printmaking has caused many artists to avoid it, although excellent work has been done by Matisse and Picasso as early as 1939. Picasso was probably the first person to devise a reduction method by cutting and printing each color from one block until only the last color portion remains on the block. The reduction method is best descrbed by its name. One block is reduced in stages to a multicolored print. The first color is sometimes printed from the whole block. Sometimes a minimal amount of the block is removed to designate the first color. The number of the edition is established before printing the first color, as there is no possibility of reprinting. After printing the first color, the block is cut a little more, reinked with a different color and printed over the first color. The cutting will continue until an image develops.




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