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Using Akua Color

Akua Color is a slow-drying water-based ink that can be rolled onto a plate and have the same workable qualities as oil-based ink.

Akua-Kolor was conceived by two artists/printmakers, Susan Rostow and William Jung, when they realized there was no water-based ink available to do roll-up plates for reductive monotypes. After much research and experimentation, they came upon a unique formula that fulfilled all their monotype desires. They named this new ink, Akua-Kolor and now make it available for everyone to enjoy. Akua-Kolor is made of the highest quality, light-fast pigments and binders. No chalk, fillers, dryers or polymers are added. Akua-Kolor exhibits dazzling color and an exceptionally rich working consistency. Prints dry to a brilliant finish without a chalky or plastic appearance. Many printmakers are already using a variety of other printmaking processes with Akua-Kolor. Astounding results are being obtained with carborundum and photocarborundum collagraphs and traditional Japanese hanga woodcuts.
Liquid Formula: Akua-Kolor's liquid formula "feels right" for both additive and subtractive monotype methods.

Roll-up Capable and More
Akua-Kolor can be applied with a brush, spray bottle, needle applicator or rolled onto the plate with a brayer. Once applied, Akua-Kolor wipes off the plate easliy with the use of a rag, cotton swab, sponge, color shaper or tolle fabric.

Saves Money and Time
Akua-Kolor is rolled directly onto the plate. There is no need to roll-up and transfer Akua-Kolor using an ink slab. Rolling Akua-Kolor directly on the plate will save you money and time. Akua-Kolor is never wasted and no time is ever spent cleaning an ink slab.

Slow Drying
Akua-Kolor is slow drying with a greasy consistency similar to oil-based ink. Akua-Kolor stays wet on the plate for a long period of time, giving you hours to create an image.

See Results Immediately
Inked plates are printed immediately after the image is produced, allowing you to see your results right away. No time is ever spent waiting for ink to dry thoroughly on the plate before printing.

Print on Dry Paper
The process of printing with Akua-Kolor is based on printing with wet ink on dry paper. The tedious task of soaking, blotting, flattening and drying paper before and after printing is eliminated.

Print With or Without a Press
Akua-Kolor prints can be made with the use of an etching or litho press as well as hand applied pressure from a Pinpress, baren or spoon. (For information about printing presses contact Takach Press Corporation at 1-800-248-3460 or hand printing with a Pinpress contact GaleForce Graphics at 918-479-2502)

Easy to Clean-up
Clean-up is fast and easy with just water and a sponge. You will have more time for creativity as you save time on preparation and clean-up.

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