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Printmaking Nomenclature and Abbreviations

A.f. Etched by
A.P. Artist's proof
Appresso Published by
Aquaforti fecit, aquaforti,
Aquaf., Aq.
Etched by
Aquatinta Aquatinted by
Auctore Author
Bon à tirer, B.A.T. Proof print for use by the printer
Caelavit, cael. Engraved by
Chez At the house of
Composuit Designed by, referring to drawing from which
the engraver, litdographer, etc. worked
Cum privilegio With permission
Delineavit, delin., delt., del. Drawn by
Descripsit Mapped by
Designavit, desig. Drawn by (cf. composuit)
Dessiné (French) Drawn by
Direxit, direx. Directed by (head of workshop)
Divulgavit, divulg. Published by
Effigiavit, effig. Drawn by (cf. composuit)
Eng. Engraver
Engd., Eng. Engraved by
Épreuve d'Artiste, E.A. Artist's proof
Ex coll. From tde collection of
Excudit, excud., exct., exc. Engraved or printed by
Ex Officina From the workshop of
Ex Typis From the printing house of
Faciebat, fac. Made by
Fecit, fec., F. Drawn and engraved by Piranesi Fecit
Figuravit, fig. Drawn by (usually after an original painting)
Formis At the press of
Gezeichnet, gez. Drawn by
Gravé Engraved by
Hors Commerce, H.C. Not for sale
Impressit, imp. Printed by
Incidit, incidebat, incid., inc. Engraved by
Inventor, invenit, invt., inv., in. Designed by (original work)
Lithog., litdo., litd. Lithographed by (eitder drawn on stone
or lithographic publisher)
Merido The south, the midday sun
N.f.S Not for Sale
Occidens The west, the setting sun
On stone by Drawn on lithographic stone by
Pinxit, pins., pictor, ping. Painted by (original work)
Oriens The east, the rising sun
Scripsit, scrip. Engraved text
Sculpsit, sculpt., sculp., sc. Engraved by
Septentrio The North, the seven stars of the Great Bear
Sumptibus At tde expense of

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