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Summer printmaking workshop in Abruzzo, Italy

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Castiglione a Casauria a village in Abruzzo off the main tourist routes which maintains its traditional charm.

summer printmaking intensive
Explore the rich and incredibly diverse possibilities of printmaking techniques in this superintensive one-week international class. With emphasis on experimentation and creativity, this class will introduce you to the art of Monoprints, monotypes, etching, aquatint, hard ground, soft ground, linocuts, woodblocks, chine collé and drypoint.

Location: Dedalo art Center, Italy

2-9 June 2018

9-16 June 2018

25 August - 1 september 2018

This is a full time immersion programme for beginners as well as experienced printmakers who would like to refresh their etching and printing skills.


day1: Monotypes: A first and exciting introduction to the art of printmaking. Students can expect to create numerous prints during this day as we will cover a wide range of techniques using oil based and waterbased inks and colors.
day2: Drypoint etching: participants will complete an edition of prints from metal plates worked entirely without acids; the metal surface will be altered with a drypoint needle, areas of the plate will be darkened with sandpaper and lightened with a scraper and burnisher . The great attraction of drypoint lies in the softness and velvety warmth of the print.
day3: Woodcut and Linocut: you will learn how to transfer an image to a block, manage the cutting and proofing stages, learn about correct registration to print accurately aligned prints. We will also work on the reduction method of printing which involves cutting away portions of the block after printing each color thus creating a multi-color print by using one block only.
day4-5: Etching: you will learn how to prepare a plate, bevel the edge, degrease, apply hard ground, draw and finally etch and print the plate. You will also develop an image in layers of line and tone and explore a variety of textures by using soft ground with textural material, eg: leaves, foil, fabric, feathers, netting. Aquatint will be used to create various different effects as well as tone variations.
day6: Sugarlift. Participants will explore the qualities of Sugar Lift, which is a way of creating brush strokes etched into the plate and printed as a black or a dark tone. Spit Biting or painting directly on to the surface of a plate to create a mark much like that of a water colour, will also be covered.
Students are also encouraged to further explore what they learned by creating monoprints with a combination of techniques incorporating chine collé. Xerox transfers and embossed prints will also be discussed.
day7: Time to go back home.


The studio

Set in the middle of the Abruzzi Mountains, Dedalo Art Center studio features indoor work-space opening out onto a private garden and work area. Classes are small and accommodation is available on the property

Colleen Corradi Brannigan has expertise in all printmaking techniques. She received her art diploma in 1989 and after that studied printmaking in New York, London and Tokyo. She has exhibited her works extensively and is an active artist in several media. She owns and runs her own studio

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